Sweeteners with NATURAL flavors, ideal for your coffee, tea, yoghurts, creams, ice-creams and any other delicacies which you savor. The diet has never been simpler! Being considered by the nutritionists “the sweetener of the future”, the extract of the plant STEVIA rebaudiana Bertoni is the wonderful ingredient from the SteviElle sweeteners: 100% NATURAL, 100% HEALTHY, 100% SUGARFREE, ideal for the entire family.
More than this, they can also be enjoyed by persons with diabetes!

Simple STEVIA NATURAL SWEETENER - 10ml/50ml /box

Stevia sweetener with strawberry natural flavour - 10ml/50ml /box

Stevia sweetener with caramel natural flavour - 10ml/50ml /box
With SteviElle even still water can be turned into a dessert. We all know how hard it is to check the 2 litres of water per day. Wouldn´t you have an excellent day, if your water tasted like fruits? You just add a few drops of your favorite flavor into a glass and, at once, you have a 100% DIET, delicious refreshing drink. Chose between the wonderful, 100 % NATURAL flavors of strawberries, oranges, pomegranates, peaches or cherries.
Enjoy the sweetness, with no regrets!

Peaches Sweetener

Cherries Sweetener

Orange Sweetener

Pomegranate sweetener
The morning coffee: sweet, flavored and with no restrictions. A whole range of bottles with delicious natural flavors is ready to transform your coffee into a portion of delight. Your morning can taste like cinnamon, caramel or chocolate. But we thought also of something else for those who enjoy their classic coffee. For you we have even created a coffee flavor, which enhances the taste of a regular coffee without altering its specific aroma, which you adore.

Mint Sweetener

Cinnamon Sweetener

Coffee Sweeteners

Chocolate Sweeteners

For children, a new sweet every day. What an adventure! When they talk about "something sweet", the parents want to offer to their children something SUGARFREE, whereas the children use their entire arsenal of tears in order to obtain something WITH SUGAR. In fact, the children want something sweet. Until now this was associated with sugar. Now we have the perfect alternative: the SteviElle sweeteners with playful flavors are capable of satisfying even the most demanding children. You can prepare for them lemonade, teas, creams, milk rice or just water with new flavor in each day. Thus you can be certain, that you offer them the healthiest sweet taste which is 100% NATURAL and SUGARFREE. Together we can prepare even better house-made sweets! Any recipe can be reinvented with a little imagination. After adding only a few drops of the SteviElle sweetener the same cake can be a delight with fruit or coffee or chocolate flavor. Visit our RECIPES section from our site and find out what our master confectioners suggest for you!