Made with STEVIA leaf extract, 100% NATURAL, healthy, an ideal
substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners in our food.
A few drops of Stevielle give a great amount of sweetness and
provide a wonderful natural Strawberry flavor to your water, tea,
coffee, yoghurt, ice cream, creams, milk rice and any other kind
of beverage or food of your choice, free of any calories or sugar.

Purified water, STEVIA rebaudiana leaf extract (Rebaudioside A)
with more than 95% steviol glycosides, natural and vegetal glycerin
with 99.5% purity, natural Strawberry flavoring.
100% vegetable origin.

Stevia sweetener with strawberry natural flavour - 10ml/50ml /box
STEVIELLE SWEETENER with NATURAL STRAWBERRIES FLAVOUR. With SteviElle even still water can be turned into a fruits flavoured dessert.